Learn to fly like a bird

An microlight aircraft driven by your own weight is called a Flex-wing aircraft. Riding a Flex-wing is like sitting on a Harley Davidson since; the pilot and co-pilot sit one behind the other. On a trike you have the feeling of riding a motorcycle in the air. Of course an additional benefit is enjoying the beautiful views from the sky.

Brand new EAGLE Flex-wing are available in two of our locations, Saarmund and Altes Lager, for the practical part of your training. Learn about the freedom of flying!

The FLYteacher Flight School professional instruction is comprised of 25 hours of flying instructions and 60 hours of theory. The complete price for this package is €3,900. For more details, please contact us.

What happens after your have completed your training? With your pilot's license you can take beautiful tours of the surrounding areas with our Flex-wing aircraft rental service. All you have to do is contact us!

Learn to fly a Flex-wing

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